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Bring your company into 4.0

Eperdata is a cloud software that
interconnects industrial plantsspan,
t systems to maintain
360° real-time control

The benefits of interconnected management

Increase your results

Punctual control allows you to understand inefficiencies and points for improvement to increase the productivity of your company

Tame the complexities

Make your processes transparent and aligned
with a 360° view to simplify control and integrated management.

Check the sunk costs

The complete vision with Eperdata facilitates decision makers in making strategic decisions aimed at the growth of business results.

Monitor, analyze and control from one place

Eperdata is a complete and integrated cloud platform for production control.

Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, Eperdata adapts to various business needs, offering a customized solution for process monitoring, analysis and control.

Collect and analyze data from a wide variety of assets, systems and devices:

  • equipment;
  • production machinery;
  • management software (e.g. ERP and MES);
  • environmental control systems (e.g air conditioners);
  • entire warehouses and factories.

Do you need a data analysis-oriented solution for business purposes?

Discover Signifidata, our analytical solution that integrates data from business software and management dedicated to SMEs.

Discover Signidata

Your analytics, the way you want it

The advantage of integrating data from various sources creates the benefit of being able to analyze data relating to different business areas and processes in parallel.

With the Smart View you can filter and analyze data in tabular form by immediately viewing the result of your analysis on dynamic graphs.

With customized Dashboards you can view summary reports tailored to various company profiles in order to provide information in the most immediate and easy to understand form.

Unify management and production data

Eperdata supports companies in the collection, visualization and analysis of data, facilitating the difficult task of undertaking actions capable of guiding corporate strategies and operational activities in increasingly rapid and dynamic contexts.

Control and management

Gain greater visibility into assets and processes by aligning production and management data.

Decision making in real time

React quickly to problems or breakdowns thanks to real-time control.

Quality check

Identify the causes of quality problems so you can prevent them in the future and improve customer satisfaction.

Waste reduction

Identify bottlenecks or areas where significant waste occurs to take control measures.

Reduction of stops

Reduce downtime and optimize your production process by detecting malfunctions at an early stage.

Consumption efficiency

Find out which are the assets with decidedly marked consumption in order to be able to act with optimization and efficiency strategies.

Collaboration and scalability

Eperdata creates a communication bridge between different systems and users. In this way it offers a stable basis for creating a standard interface for third parties and integration of further systems.

Different profiles, different analysis needs

Integrating does not only mean creating a single container but also creating different ways to access the data.
Eperdata allows you to create different company profiles that will be able to view and analyze only what you need without wasting time on searches.

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Do you need complete consultancy for your systems?

We actively collaborate with our partners to provide our customers with comprehensive support on designs, hardware, connectivity and components for the industrial IoT.

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