iLumens & ZPE Cloud: smart devices and data monitoring cloud software development


Let’s talk about two fascinating innovation projects presented by a determined corporate partner aiming to redefine the technological landscape for an unprecedented user experience. The shared goal of both projects was to enhance energy efficiency, security, and the overall user experience.

In the first project, we were tasked with creating iLumens, an intelligent solution that would revolutionize lighting and environmental monitoring.

In the second project, the client wanted to develop an advanced platform for intelligent device and service management, giving birth to ZPE Cloud.

La sfida di entrambi i progetti

Smart building & Smart facility: dispositivi smart per ambienti intelligenti

Il nostro cliente, una forza motrice di innovazione, aveva una chiara visione: trasformare spazi ordinari in ambienti intelligenti e all’avanguardia dal punto di vista tecnologico. Questa passione per l’innovazione ci ha spinti a realizzare iLumens, aprendo la strada a un mondo di illuminazione intelligente. Allo stesso modo, lo stesso entusiasmo ci ha guidati verso la realizzazione di ZPE Cloud, un’innovativa soluzione per la gestione di dispositivi e servizi, con un’interfaccia utente intuitiva per una gestione senza complicazioni. Entrambi i progetti sono stati sviluppati negli Stati Uniti in Silicon Valley, un posto in cui si respira e condivide innovazione.

The challenge of both projects

Two projects, one focus: innovation, smart devices, and advanced solutions

In both projects, the primary goal was to bring innovation by creating advanced solutions that exceeded expectations.

Manage your settings remotely in one click

In the case of iLumens, we focused on creating a cloud platform, based on Kubernetes, capable of precisely managing lighting devices and environmental sensors for smart lighting.

Cloud-based network management with security remote access

For ZPE Cloud, we developed a cloud platform for controlling intelligent devices and services, accompanied by APIs that allowed device management, statistical analysis, and custom configuration.

The challenges faced

Both projects presented us with stimulating challenges. In the case of iLumens, the flawless integration of technologies, such as BLE and MQTT, for device monitoring and control was a challenge to be successfully overcome. As for ZPE Cloud, the integration of different features, such as data driven realized with Astarte integration, device deployment, and interactive graphing, required a meticulous approach to ensure a smooth user experience. A shared challenge, however, was wanting to take Co-Brains and made-in-Italy quality abroad: the U.S. to Silicon Valley.

Acquired skills and developed experience

Through the experience gained in the development of iLumens and ZPE Cloud, we have strengthened our skills inimplementing Kubernetes and microservices-based cloud platforms. ZPE Cloud, in particular, has allowed us to perfect our abilities in creating intuitive dashboards and remote device management,enriching our expertise in IoT solution design.


In house software to control and manage smart devices using an intuitive and customizable interface

The iLumens and ZPE Cloud projects have produced remarkable and tangible results. With iLumens, we have developed a robust platform that allows customers to control devices in real-time through a dedicated administrative interface. ZPE Cloud has brought to life an advanced platform for intelligent device and service management, offering the ability to view detailed statistics and integrate smart devices.

Ultimately, the iLumens and ZPE Cloud projects represent our unwavering commitment to technological innovation, bringing advanced solutions to customers and contributing to the redefinition of the user experience in critical sectors such as intelligent lighting and service management.