ESA BIC: the website for Milan's space ecosystem



The web portal for the Lombardy space start-up incubation programme comes to life!

The focus of our project was the development of an institutional website for the space start-up incubation programme. The site was to be the digital reflection of the Milan and Lombardy space ecosystem, a key communication platform to launch revolutionary ideas in space.


Architects of Spatial Innovation in Milan

Our client, the Milan Space Innovation Network, represents a vibrant ecosystem of institutions, such as the Politecnico di Milano, and various entities with specific sectoral expertise. Our mission was to highlight, through the website, how Milan is a strategic hub for space innovation, open to global markets and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Project objectives

Balance between Institutionality and Creativity in Website Design

The aim was to create an institutional, yet at the same time eye-catching website. The challenge was to maintain the formal and structured look, typical of institutional websites, while integrating innovative graphic elements reflecting the spatial theme and brand identity.

The challenge

The creative process: from Institutional to Iconic

The project required a delicate approach: preserving the institutional nature of the site, but enriching it with a creative touch and working on the dynamism of the corporate image. The result was a wow-effect amalgam of structurally similar content, but visually distinct to avoid monotony. In addition, the enhancement of a unique visual identity, through careful work with an immersive effect of graphics and animation, helped transform the site into a spectacular window on the space universe.


Together in creating a website beyond space

The collaboration with the client was an inspiring experience. Their innovative vision and openness to new ideas enriched the project, creating a perfect balance between creativity and pragmatism. This synergy has not only achieved excellent work but also enriched our professional skills.

“I will virtually lead into space everyone who wants to take part in this journey.”

– Samantha Cristoforetti, ESA Astronaut

The outcome

An immersive and stellar user experience!

The end result was a website that not only informs, but also fascinates. With graphic elements that seem to detach themselves from the background and the use of parallax effects, we created an immersive, three-dimensional experience. A digital journey into the heart of space innovation, where every user can feel part of this extraordinary adventure to the stars.

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