Integrated IoT and smart metering platform


The cloud system for smart metering to control intelligent valves remotely

We designed and developed a cloud platform for controlling intelligent valves that simplifies maintenance by centralizing all data and making it readily accessible. With our solution, you can obtain advanced analyses at your fingertips and can easily configure valves remotely with extreme ease.


SMARTCIM by Cimberio: IoT system for managing, configuring, and controlling smart valves

Cimberio is a global leader in the production of brass valves and components for the thermohydraulic, air conditioning, gas distribution, and water supply sectors. The entire production is concentrated in Italy, in the San Maurizio d’Opaglio and Pogno facilities, with 6 foreign subsidiaries distributing the product in 77 countries. SMARTCIM is a system capable of monitoring and automatically balancing thermohydraulic systems that distribute heat and cold in various environments.

Project objectives

  • Creation of a Cloud infrastructure supporting real-time applications;
  • Creation of an IoT application for remote valve configuration;
  • Scheduling the behavior of intelligent devices to maximize their effectiveness;
  • Detection of any malfunctions and non-conformities autonomously;
  • Configuration and updating of valves remotely;
  • Integration with the Enersem Cloud system for data analysis.

The challenge: Secure integration of IoT and smart metering for optimal efficiency of complex systems

We have developed a cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with Cimberio valve IoT systems without compromising the security of the data itself. Data security is a top priority for us. The goal and challenge were to create a user-friendly, simple, and immediate interface that provides a clear and graphic representation of a complex technical system.

Configuring and customizing smart valve settings quickly and accurately, without the need for advanced technical skills. This will allow you to optimize the system’s operation and adapt it to your specific operational needs with a simple click.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Thanks to the collaboration with a significant entity and the team of engineers at Enersem, we are proud of the final result of this exciting project: an integrated system of smart valves with Cloud monitoring, at the forefront of its kind. The joint use of knowledge and resources has allowed us to overcome every challenge and create an advanced system that combines intelligent valves with the power of Cloud monitoring.

Project Modules

  • Remote valve configurator
  • Calendar with temperature scheduling and organization in different scenarios
  • Remote plant and alarm management
  • Data sheet and valve details with real-time data