Customizable dashboards for visualizing graphs and data for energy production

Create a cloud web app consisting of two primary elements: end-customer energy data visualization dashboard and customer dashboard generation and management back office.


GEM Green Energy

GEM Green Energy offers management services aimed at investors of photovoltaic systems. The company specializes in the management of green and energy-saving solutions, targeting industrial and tertiary sectors.

Project objectives

  • Design the data visualization interface for use by the end customer;
  • Visualize energy production data in real time;
  • Enable GEM Green Energy to autonomously generate dashboards through a management back office;
  • Create a dashboard customization system in order to allow GEM to brand the interface itself.


  • Integrate the cloud solution with multiple facilities and different hardware to capture the data in real time;
  • Design dashboards based on a standard format that can be customized in terms of colors, style, and end-customer branding;
  • Building a simple and intuitive backoffice for managing customizations.


In the development of the GEM Green Energy project, our team was the meeting point between the technical and managerial spheres. The business needs and technical requirements were used to define the content of the dashboards and to develop, on the backend side, a method of reprocessing the data in order to make it part of a visualization with high information value.

managed plants

Realtime communication for each stakeholder

The software created allows GEM Green energy customers every day to visualize the results produced by their investment. Dashboards have found additional use in making partners and investors aware of achievements.