Transporting excel product configurator logic to a cloud system with with web product configurator

Creation of a simple and intuitive product configurator for roller screws and ball screws with a large number of variables aimed at reducing configuration complexity and allowing complex and articulated bids to be compiled in minutes.



Moog is a company that manufactures precision control components and systems for the industrial sector. It is considered innovative because it constantly invests in research and development and collaborates with universities and research centers to develop advanced technologies. The company works closely with customers to understand their needs and develop tailored solutions to meet them.

Project objectives

  • Creating an algorithm capable of pointing the user with simple questions to the product with the correct technical characteristics;
  • Development of a web platform to identify the perfect product for specific projects and to propose all possible combinations;
  • Promote understanding and visualization of a technical product often used in industrial supplies to be configured according to specific needs and measurements;
  • Produce configuration cloud software that can support the logic found within the various excel leaves used by the sales network to propose the product.

The challenge: creating an online configurator aligned with technical and business logic

  • Understand the product and configuration logic
  • Digitizing a process done by hand by staff with industry experience
  • Simplify compilation by creating automated configuration rules
  • Work with the business, technical, and managerial side of a multinational company with varied and complex needs

Experience: Configuration software development for technical products

The first experience with a multinational group, allowed to understand the working logic useful to bring a corporation to its goal. Flexibility, technical expertise and the ability to suggest and implement innovation in a field in which comparison and alignment takes place internationally.

Modules and product configuration logic

  • Mother screw configuration
  • Screw configuration code
  • Terminal configuration
  • Viewing the configuration summary and downloading the PDF configuration
  • Display of the configured product with its measurements.

Results: Facilitation in configuration and reduction in the time it takes to complete a request for quotation.

A web platform, aligned with the group’s image, that can be used from tablets and computers. The web app with just a few questions, precise and explained in detail, allows the user to get to the configuration and submission of the quote request.