Sisal app: an innovative mobile project to reframe the interaction between users and bets


Focus on the user: the key to perfect interaction!

The client, Sisal, expressed the goal of revolutionizing betting interaction through the development of an innovative mobile application. The request was to create an engaging and intuitive experience for users, transforming the way they participate and interact with betting.



Sisal is a leading gaming and betting company with a long history of technological innovation and high-quality services. Through its presence on websites, social media, and presentations, Sisal positions itself as a cutting-edge organization that is constantly seeking new ways to engage audiences and enhance the gaming experience.

Project objectives

The key objectives of the project were:

  • Create a mobile application (Sisal project) that could provide an engaging and intuitive experience for users.
  • Revolutionize the way users participate and interact with betting.
  • Provide a wide range of functionality, including betting creation and participation, profile management, and notifications.
  • Implement advanced modules and configuration logic to ensure a personalized and flexible experience.

The challenge

Human-oriented development and design for interaction to achieve maximum efficiency

To achieve the project goals, we worked carefully on the design and development of the application. The most challenging parts of the project were the implementation of advanced modules and configuration logic, which required solid planning and architecture. We worked closely with the Sisal team to ensure that the application met expectations and needs of the players.

Solution and Modules

Optimization and customization for an intuitive and immersive user experience

We created a solution that offered advanced modules and configuration logic. This allowed users to customize their betting experiences, creating a highly flexible interaction adaptable to their preferences. The creation and management of bets have been simplified, providing an intuitive and engaging user experience.


Through the project with Sisal, we consolidated our experience in developing innovative and engaging mobile apps. We learned how to handle complex configuration logic and meet the needs of a leading gaming and betting client. This project allowed us to refine our technical and collaborative skills, leading to positive and satisfying results.


Tailored betting, flexibility and satisfied users.

The Sisal Project led to the launch of a mobile application that redefined the concept of betting interaction. Users now enjoy an engaging, customizable and intuitive experience, enhancing their participation in betting. The solution of modules and configuration logic has proven to be a success, enabling users to create customized bets and flexibly manage their betting experience. In addition, the project reinforced our position as a leader in developing innovative and engaging mobile apps for highly competitive industries such as gaming and betting.