A common vision of innovation of Italian SMEs

Innovation and shared growth: these are the pillars upon which PMI Space’s request is founded. The goal? To develop a website that would be the hub for a web community of visionary entrepreneurs and serve as a springboard to amplify the visibility and credibility of small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy’s competitive market today.


Spazio PMI: the crossroads for small and medium Enterprises in Italy

PMI Space, an association of entrepreneurs and a catalyst for success for innovative SMEs, creates a dynamic ecosystem and a crossroads of skills, resources, and opportunities. Here, small and medium enterprises come together to carve out their own space in the market, mutually elevating their reputation and positively influencing the Italian entrepreneurial landscape.

Project objectives

We have outlined a trajectory for PMI Space that goes beyond mere networking: it’s about creating an epicenter for the sharing of innovative ideas, where debate turns into concrete action. A place where open innovation is the norm, and every SME can find the key to new business horizons and revolutionary projects.

“Innovation never came through bureaucracy and hierarchy. It’s always come from individuals.” – John Sculley


The collaborative revolution of SMEs in the arena of Spazio PMI

The collaborative revolution of SMEs in the arena of Spazio PMI
In building the digital architecture of PMI Space, we have created an intuitive and accessible platform, placing Italian SMEs at the center of our vision. User profiling tools and private sharing spaces were the most challenging, as they had to be places where entrepreneurial ideas meet and transform into tangible business opportunities.


We have woven a deep collaboration relationship, capable of transforming entrepreneurial visions into tangible realities. To create a site that brings together a collective group vision we have given space to listening to everyone and the experience accumulated on this journey is marking a path of mutual growth and continuous innovation.


Growth and visibility for SMEs in the Spazio PMI network

The result is clear for all to see: an increase in the visibility and authoritativeness of SMEs in the network. A platform that lives and breathes through the success stories of its members, becoming the point of reference for those looking to do business not only with ambition but with a shared vision of the future.