Online configuration and ordering to facilitate customer and administrative

Creation of a proprietary web app for managing quotes, drafts, orders and shipments in direct connection with the company’s management system.


TA Design by Tendarredo

TA Design is a leading manufacturing company in the field of awnings, pergolas and marketing of solutions related to home automation, window and door frames and home automation.

Project objectives

  • Enable the retailer to configure the right product with a few simple questions while receiving a complete quote to provide to the end customer;
  • Making the transition from quote to order immediate, through a simple click and without business procedures;
  • Forward orders directly to the management system to activate production;
  • Digitize the process of receiving and handling orders, reducing errors, wasted time and use of personnel on low-value-added operations;
  • Show in real-time to the customer the orders placed and shipments coming in;
  • Integrate this with the management system in use (Panthera).


  • Configure quote masks to be received by the management system, and approved by it, before being entered into production;
  • Compare and meet both business and technical requirements for entering the minimum data needed for order processing;
  • Structure integration with management in a modular manner so as to facilitate system scalability and subsequent refinement of services and functions.


Operating an innovative SME with a mixed goal of optimizing business processes and increasing value for retailers and customers. The additional experience of working closely with the management provider’s technical team has enabled an improvement in our technical capability and dedicated libraries.

Reduced management time
Average monthly sessions
Error-free orders

Full integration with management system

Integration with management and innovative systems previously built by Co-Brains for Tendarredo, such as Arianna.

Complete digitization of the business process

A proprietary platform that is used on a daily basis by customers and TA staff for communication and order entry.

Reduction of errors and waiting times

Orders sent and entered into the management system with speed and without errors directly from customers with the achievement of the pure goal of complete digitization of quotes and orders.