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Product configurator, quotes and orders in one place

Quotanium is an innovative system that allows you to digitize your sales cycle by automating various operations and increasing your turnover

Digitization of sales and increase in results

Increase the efficiency of your sales cycle

With Quotanium’s conditional logic you receive precise requests and eliminate configuration errors

Integrate your management processes

Thanks to the integration with your management system, you can reduce compilation and entry times and dedicate your sales force to the new business

Gain complete control

Maintain insight into the effectiveness of your commercial strategy, using data to figure out where to focus your efforts

Autonomous configuration and estimates

From today customers, resellers and agents will be able to configure your product in just a few steps and compose a quote in total autonomy.

The configuration for preventive purposes requires only to indicate the fields necessary for the determination of the price. Further details relevant to the production will be added during the transformation of the estimate into the order.

From quote to order in seconds

What happens when a quote needs to evolve into an order? Very simple, just one click.

At Quotanium, orders arrive in a standardized digital format. Your sales office will be able to view the order from the platform, check that everything is in order and send the order to the management system, all in just a few steps.

In this way you will drastically reduce management times, cutting down input times and eliminating transcription errors.

How does the product configurator work?

Quotanium is designed to integrate with the production models within your management system, in order to find the configuration logic and customer prices.

You don’t have the logic inside your management system? No problem. We will build your logic directly inside Quotanium.

Do you need to manage product documentation?

Discover the integration with Ubilod to easily manage product manuals and documentation.

Discover Ubilod

Some features of Quotanium

For customers and resellers

Dashboards and offers

  • Customer dashboard and news area
  • Product offers area with timer

Estimate creation

  • Estimate creation
  • Quotation consultation
  • Ancillary costs and additional notes
  • Printable quote PDF download
  • Quote customization

Order creation

  • Transformation from quote to order
  • Order Creation
  • Consultation Orders
  • Check shipment status

After sales services

  • Brochure area and product datasheets (Download)
  • Company materials download area

customer service

  • Completion of company forms
  • History Contact Forms
  • Assistance ticket opening

For your business

Communication and offers

  • News area management
  • Management of offers for individual customers and individual products

Quotation check

  • Customer budget design management
  • Quotation consultation
  • Quote analytics

Order Control

  • Customer order status consultation
  • View sales order shipment status

After sales services

  • Management of brochures and technical sheets
  • Management of completed customer forms
  • Customer ticket management

Synchronization with management

  • User Management
  • Company Management and User Grouping
  • Management Synchronization (ERP)

For the sales force

Managed customers control

  • Agent Dashboard
  • Fill out a quote for the reseller/customer
  • Consultation of estimates made for customers/resellers

Managed customer analytics

  • View sales order shipment status
  • View The revenue generated by customer
  • Visualization of commercial agreements with customers

Integration with Panthera ERP

Quotanium natively integrates with Panthera ERP.
Discover the TA Design case study to explore the potential of the complete digitization of the sales cycle.

Discover the case study

The advantages for your company

Orders without errors and shortcomings

Thanks to the product configurator, orders and quotes will always be complete with all the necessary information.

Complete view of the sales cycle

Check the conversions of quotes in order and follow the customer analytics to understand where to focus your commercial actions.

A unique tool

Quotanium is a unique tool with dedicated functions for your sales force and your resellers.

No manual entry

Thanks to the integration with your management system, you can remove transcription errors in orders and reset the insertion times.